Enrich Your Lore with the Nightingale Blade: A Miniature Replica

Enrich Your Lore with the Nightingale Blade: A Miniature Replica

Enrich Your Lore with the Nightingale Blade: A Miniature Replica

Nightingale Blade


Plunge into the enigmatic world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with our Skyrim Nightingale Blade miniature. Held in high esteem amongst the Skyrim fandom, the Nightingale Blade embodies intrigue and stealth. Reflecting the unique allure of its in-game counterpart, our miniature replica brings a tangible touch of Skyrim's shadowy realm to your desktop.
Nightingale Blade with metal stand

The Nightingale Blade stands as a unique one-handed weapon within the expansive universe of Skyrim. The sword passed down to the Nightingale was previously owned by Gallus Desidenius—the erstwhile Thieves Guild Guildmaster. Notorious for its health- and stamina-draining enchantment, it exhibits lethal versatility in close-quarter engagements.
Nightingale Blade with sheath

Emulating the mesmerizing charm of the original Nightingale Blade wielded in Skyrim, our miniature variant accurately portrays the ornate aesthetics of the sword. Fine craftsmanship in Zinc Alloy couples with detailed hand painting to render a hand-polished finish that echoes the distinctive appeal of the Nightingale Blade.


Nightingale Blade miniature in hand
The Nightingale Blade miniature measures approximately 22cm (around 8.7") in length, weighing around 50g. Its formidable appearance commands respect. Yet, the blade is intentionally blunt to ensure safety. Each piece offers both visual allure and tactile satisfaction for its owner.
Nightingale Blade miniature

Every Nightingale Blade miniature is securely packed within a special carton box to protect the miniature from damage during transport. Each is handmade and therefore unique; slight variations in size and appearance underscore their handcrafted nature.


Nightingale Blade figure weapon


Competitively priced, this miniature makes an eye-catching addition to your collection. Want to hold a piece of Skyrim's extensive and intriguing lore in your hand? Here's your chance with the Nightingale Blade.

Start your venture into the shadows by ordering the Nightingale Blade Miniature now. Your journey is just one click away.
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