Discover the Dawnbreaker: An Exquisite Miniature Replica from Skyrim

Discover the Dawnbreaker: An Exquisite Miniature Replica from Skyrim

Discover the Dawnbreaker: An Exquisite Miniature Replica from Skyrim

Dawnbreaker miniature


Immerse yourself in the mythical world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with our Dawnbreaker miniature from the "Skyrim Dragonborn Special Weapon" pack. As one of the most coveted artifacts within the Skyrim universe, the Dawnbreaker is a must-have for any serious fan or collector.
Dawnbreaker miniature with wood stand

The Dawnbreaker, rendered by the Daedric Princess Meridia, stands as a unique enchanted sword within Skyrim. The sword carries an enchantment especially devastating to undead, mirroring the brilliance of daylight upon each swing and thereby living up to its name. This makes it a fundamental companion through the game's innumerable crypts and catacombs.
Dawnbreaker miniature skyrim gift

Our miniature of the Dawnbreaker beautifully captures the elegant majesty of the original, in-game weapon. Precisely crafted in Zinc Alloy and masterfully detailed with hand painting, our creation brings forth every ornate detail highlighting the sword's intricate design.
Dawnbreaker miniature in one-sixth figure hand

Measuring approximately 22cm (around 8.7") in length and weighing about 45.8g, the Dawnbreaker miniature offers the perfect balance, allowing it to serve as a gift, a decoration, or a conversation starter. Though its design might seem imposing, the blunt blade ensures absolute safety for its bearer.


Dawnbreaker miniature in hand


Each Dawnbreaker miniature comes securely packed in a special carton box to prevent any damage during transit. As handcrafted items, these miniatures may showcase slight variations in size or color, underscoring their unique nature.
Dawnbreaker miniature blade

Competitively priced, the Dawnbreaker miniature serves as a refreshing addition to your collection, further solidifying your bond with the enthralling and expansive lore of Skyrim.
Dawnbreaker miniature handle

Venture into Meridia’s realm by adding the Dawnbreaker Miniature to your collection today. Your journey into the radiant heart of Skyrim is just a click away.
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