Behold the Scimitar: A Stirring Miniature Replica from Skyrim

Behold the Scimitar: A Stirring Miniature Replica from Skyrim

Behold the Scimitar: A Stirring Miniature Replica from Skyrim

Scimitar miniature


Step into the fantastical realm of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and adorn your collection with the allure of the Scimitar miniature from our "Skyrim Dragonborn Special Weapon" pack. Steeped in valor and golden dunes, this meticulously crafted Scimitar sparks nostalgia for avid fans of the game.
Scimitar mini size

The Scimitar is an exotic and highly prized one-handed weapon set apart by its curved design and exceptional quickness, making it a favorite among the Redguard warriors within the Skyrim universe. Its compelling functionality and exoticism are keenly preserved in our miniature model.
Scimitar replica small

Our miniature Scimitar captures the captivating Arabian aesthetic of its original in-game model; it's a genuine reflection of the weapon's nuanced details blended with superior craftsmanship. Hand-polished Zinc Alloy comes to life under the keen touch of hand-painted artistry, bringing out the distinct allure of the Scimitar.


Scimitar mini with stand


Measuring approximately 22 cm (around 8.7") in length and weighing a comfortable 76g, the Scimitar miniature is an imposing and yet versatile addition to any collection, offering the convenience and appeal of being a conversation piece that can be easily displayed or handled. Despite its mighty design, safety remains paramount, ensured by the expressly blunt blade.
Scimitar with carton box

Each Scimitar miniature is packed thoughtfully within a specially designed carton box to safeguard its significant handcrafted features during transportation. It's important to acknowledge potential minor variations in size or color, which attest to its unique, handcrafted nature.
Scimitar with stand

Competitively priced, this Scimitar miniature anchors your collection with a physical embodiment of Skyrim's engrossing lore and is an eye-catching centerpiece for all types of decor.
Scimitar skyrim gamer gift

Experience the exotic enchantment of the East by adding this Scimitar Miniature to your Skyrim collection today. Your personal tale of swords and sorcery is just a click away.
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