Skyrim Auriel's Bow Miniature

Skyrim Auriel's Bow Miniature

The revered Auriel's Bow, a truly stunning miniature replica, now comes in perfect detail of its coveted design from the acclaimed game, Skyrim. A gem relevant to both, regional mythology enthusiasts and game aficionados, this compelling piece is a must-have addition to any Skyrim collection.
Skyrim Auriel's Bow Miniature
Our miniature replicas, including Auriel's Bow, are skillfully wrought from durable zinc alloy, cast with precision, hand-polished to perfection, and then hand-painted to bring to life the striking details. We take tremendous pride in the quality of our products - mirroring the rich lore and high attention to detail found within the game itself.
Skyrim Auriel's Bow replica

The Auriel's Bow replica is a work of marvel. At 18cm in length and weighing in at 46g, it is a conveniently sized, non-space-consuming display piece. The bow, while decorative and harmless, carries a weight of history that delights every Skyrim fan.
Skyrim Auriel's Bow on display stand

Presented in a carton box, this carefully crafted item remains in the pristine condition as it transits securely to your doorstep.

It is pertinent to note that the blades on display, including Auriel's Bow, are intentionally blunted for safety purposes, allowing you to relish its aesthetic beauty worry-free.
Auriel's Bow  in hand

To own the Auriel's Bow from our Skyrim Dragonborn 10 in 1 pack is to own an imperial piece of the Skyrim saga that conjures the awe-inducing, adventurous spirit of the in-game experience.

Check it out now! Available at Miniwarrior for the discounted price of $97.99, and make this intricate piece of Skyrim history yours today.

You can visit our website here to make a purchase or to explore more about our range of Skyrim replica collectibles.
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