An Ode to the Mephala Ebony Blade: A Miniature Replica

An Ode to the Mephala Ebony Blade: A Miniature Replica

An Ode to the Mephala Ebony Blade: A Miniature Replica


Unveiling the cherished artifact from the realm of Tamriel – the Mephala Ebony Blade miniature. An Akaviri masterpiece, this blade embodies the Daedric influence of Mephala herself, creating an iconic symbol cherished by Skyrim enthusiasts worldwide.

A replica of high precision, our creation replicates the foreboding allure of the original weapon found in the icy landscapes of Skyrim. The Blade, a unique two-handed weapon within the game, is recognized for its aura of dark mystique and its role in countless tales of heroism, survival, and quests for power.

This katana-inspired replica mirrors the unique attributes that make the Ebony Blade a prized possession in the expansive universe of Skyrim. Hand-polished to a brilliant finish, the blade's captivating design is followed by meticulous, hand-painted details that celebrate its inherent charm. Wrought from enduring Zinc Alloy, our Mephala Ebony Blade miniature accentuates strength and elegance, much like its in-game counterpart.

The size and weight of the miniature remain authentic to its visualization within the game, measuring at a length of approximately 26cm (around 10.2"), and with a weight of about 48.6g (1.7 Oz). While imposing in its stature, the blade is blatantly blunt, adhering to safety measures, making it suitable for display and collection purposes.

Each package - encased securely in a specifically designed carton box - ensures that these precious artifacts reach you unscathed, preserving their exquisite hand-finished detail. Given that each blade is individually crafted, minor variances in size and appearance may be present, testament to their unique hand-crafted nature.

Priced competitively at $18.99, down from $25.99, this Daedric artifact represents a piece of Skyrim's rich lore and makes an ideal collection for fans and appreciators alike.

Venture into the lore of Daedra Mephala with your very own Ebony Blade. Visit us at Miniwarrior today, and immerse yourself in a piece of Skyrim's abundant history.

Order now and cherish the Daedric mystery imbued in our Mephala Ebony Blade Miniature.
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